porosity and your hair!

Porosity – What to do with High/Medium/Low Porosity hair types

Porosity and my hair…     Understanding the way your hair absorbs/or fails to absorb moisture will help you on the way to a better hair care regime! So how do you know what category, whether it be, low, medium or high porosity your hair falls into?         Its time for the […]

summer hair tips

Summer Time Simple Hair Care Tips

  Below are some simple  summer hair tips that help you through the summer weather! 1.Always sleep with a satin cap 2.Don’t forget to wear a hat or even a colourful visor in the sun. 3. Moisturise your hair with a daily leave in conditioner, check out the Honey rain juice 4. Wash  your hair […]

New hair New you

New year New hair!

We all want healthy hair in 2016! If you have decided 2016 is the year you take hold of your hair care regime and decide to finally do something about it then why not invest in one of our Healthy hair Kits, we have 4 kits to choose from!  Butt if yyou need everything from […]

mixed race childrens hair care

Mixed Race Hair Stories: How My beautiful Irish Mother coped with My Mixed race hair!

by    Simone Powderley aka SIMBAFARIAN   Growing Up As A Young Cub I remember the days of brushing my hair out and singing my heart out to Diana Ross classics at the age of 5!who would have known my hair would have become my trademark to date. Born to Irish mother and Jamaican Father […]

Is SheaMoisture cancelled?

Is Shea Moisture cancelled?

The SheaMoisture Advert Controversy!  Use Code HOLIDAYHAIR15 to get a first time 15% discount off any purchase over £10.00 on our website www.root2tip.com THIS WEEKEND! What do you think about the brand growing their market base?  The current controversy circus is not have the first time SheaMoisture have faced backlash for appearing to shift their marketing […]

Root2tip curly creme on Naturallycurly.com 10 moisturising curly products from the UK

    https://www.naturallycurly.com/curlreading/home/10-moisturizing-products-you-can-find-in-the-uk/   Hello my fellow curlies! I want to share my top 10 must-have products that you might want to add to your selection! You will see that I am a huge conditioner fan because I believe that a good conditioner makes the styling process much easier and fewer products are needed. So, […]


Cosmpolitan says these are the best British brands for Curls

Portuguese native Ana is a the co-founder of Curly Essence, a UK-based blog for naturally curly girls wanting to go through the transition from relaxed to natural hair. Her curly to coily-springy hair type (or 3C-4A for those in the code-know) has led Ana to try a variety of British brands promising to perfect her […]