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just grow it

The Just Grow it Hair Kit

Just GROW it! Sal says…   Hi Guys, if you are struggling with getting your hair to retain moisture in the cold or in general, maybe your hair has been stuck at a terminal length? Check out this kit!  Use code growit15 for a 15% discount over the next 7 days!   Do you need a little […]

Afro hair growth

How to grow long Afro hair? 10 hacks!

    HELP – My Afro Hair  just…does not  GROW!! How-to grow long afro hair this year! Here are 10 simple tips to help you grow long afro hair this year!   1     Start off with a trim If you have split ends, you will not see hair growth this year!  Your hair will be […]

afro hair child

Dove campaigns to get little girls to love their curls!

As Dove a mainstream beauty brand jump on the ‘Love your curls’ band-wagon, something spearheaded by Black and mixed women around the globe including myself- the founder of the Hairducation Academy, in London, an organisation launched due to my inherent passion for helping little girls with kinks. coils and curls, to embrace their hair and hence have […]


Natural Hair Products for Coloured Curls

Natural Hair Products For Coloured CURLS If you have decided to Colour/bleach your Curls… Take heed: Coloured Curls on natural heads are trending right now with the hues ranging from Golden Blondes to Rich Cherry Reds. but what about hair damage and caring for your hair whilst you Rock your coloured curls this year!.   […]