General FAQs

Below you will find general FAQs which may help you with information about this website, shop and accounts.



How do I pay for my order?

We’ve made this really easy for you. You can choose to pay by debit or credit card or via your PayPal account. Both options are clearly described in the checkout.

Should my billing address be the same as my debit or credit card postal address?

Yes. Your order may not be processed and an error will be displayed if your registered address (with your bank or card issuer) does not match the billing address that you enter at checkout. This is a security measure we have implemented.

Can I choose a different shipping address?

Yes, of course. You might want to use the address of a friend or loved one. It could be a gift for example. Please note that our terms and conditions apply here. Non-tracked packages are not insured for loss or damage. Tracked items must match the shipping address (if different to the billing address) you gave us in the event of loss or damage.

Where are your shipping and delivery costs?

You can find them by clicking here.