Hair Issues FAQs

Below you will find FAQs which may help you with hair issues including hair growth, alopecia, hair loss and damaged hair. We do hope we can help but please keep in mind that we can only advise on conditions that our products are suitable for. If your condition is of an extreme nature then it is often wise to consult your General Practitioner before using any treatment.



Do you have products for alopecia?

Yes, our Harvest Hair Growth Pack comprises our 100% Natural best-selling scalp oils.

The 2 oils are very different. The Grow-it-long (Scalp Hydration) Serum nourishes a dry scalp, itching and stops flakes, thickens hair and stimulates consistent hair-growth.

The ROOT Energizer (Super-growth) Oil, is formulated especially for thinning hair and hairloss. It comprises 4 essential oils and 3 Ayurvedic herbal extracts scientifically proven to REGROW hair by invigorating the capillaries in the scalp to carry blood to the roots and follicles, where hair is produced.

How long will it take to regrow my hair?

We make no promises, however results are usually seen after 3 months of consistent use daily and weekly. Every head is different so results do vary from person to person. Hair growth is managed externally but nurtured internally!

How do I use the oils?

Use the oils alternately. Use the Grow-it-long serum up-to 3-4 times a weeks. The Root Energizer is to be used ideally before bedtime the night before you wash your hair. It can be used on the hairline if that is the trouble spot more frequently.  Massage well for 5-10 minutes after each application.

Can I use the oils on relaxed hair?

Yes, the oils are 100% Natural and do not interfere with relaxed hair or coloured hair.

Can I use the oils on natural hair?

Yes, the ingredients are 100% natural and perfect for natural hair.

Can I use the oils on my baby?

NO! The oils are only suitable on children aged 5 years and upwards.



Can I use your products on my relaxed hair?

Yes, our products are made with natural ingredients but work extremely well on relaxed hair and Tex-laxed hair…

Can I use the products straight after relaxing my hair?

Yes, all of our products are safe to use after chemical processes.




Braids / Kinky Twists

What can I use to moisturise my hair whilst I am wearing braids?

We recommend our Detangling leave-in (Honey-rain juice) to hydrate your hair daily whist you are wearing braids or kinky twists. Spray your hair daily to prevent breakage when the braids are removed.

Wigs / Weaves

What can I use to moisturise my hair and stop my scalp itching under my weave or wig?

We recommend our Detangling leave-in (Honey-rain juice) to hydrate your hair daily whist you are wearing a weave. The easy to use trigger spray bottle will allow you to hydrate your tracks under the weave to keep your hair healthy for the duration.

To soothe an itchy scalp we suggest the Grow-it-long (Scalp Hydration) Serum.

For Kinky twists spray your hair daily to prevent dryness and oil with the GIL serum up to 3 x a week.

Dread-locs & Sister Locs

Newly Natural?

Childrens’ Curly / Afro Hair

I have a mixed raced child with frizzy knotty hair - what can I use?

Please check out our amazing natural kids range, formulated to help children love their hair.

My child goes swimming every week - her hair is really dry - what can I use before to protect it and afterwards?

To protect kids hair when swimming use our great Swim & Shine serum to protect the hair from the chlorine under the swimming cap.

After swimming wash her hair with the Cool Mint curls shampoo and condition it with our Cooler2Cowash Conditioner.

Curly Baby Hair Care

Can I use the scalp Growth oils on my baby to regrow his hair?

NO, the adult scalp oils are not for children at all. Use the StarShine hair & Scalp Oil formulated for kids.

My baby has really dry hair - what can I use that is mild?

You can use our Heaven’s Hair Milk to nourish and care for your baby’s precious curls and kinks from age 6 months upwards.

How often should I moisturise my baby's hair?

You can use our hair milk daily on your baby’s hair to keep it soft and healthy.

Do you have a shampoo for kids?

Yes, we have the cool Mint curls shampoo for children however we advise to cowash the hair more often with our Cooler2Cowash Conditioner.

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