Summer Time Simple Hair Care Tips

summer hair tips


sunhat cool

Below are some simple  summer hair tips that help you through the summer weather!

1.Always sleep with a satin cap

2.Don’t forget to wear a hat or even a colourful visor in the sun.

3. Moisturise your hair with a daily leave in conditioner, check out the Honey rain juice

4. Wash  your hair at least once a week  to get rid of product build up and sweat, use our Stimulate and cleanse shampoo  and conditioner duo!

5. Also don’t forget to drink  water  and keep hydrated.  remember a healthy body = healthy hair.

6. Remember to do do protein treatment weekly, to  keep your hair healthy !

8. Always air-dry your hair.

9. Don’t forget to massage your hair with oil everyday. use our grow it long serum to get growth and shine!

10. Always treat your hair gently – always fingercomb.


WITH THESE simple SUMMER TIPS – You can achieve healthy happy hair .


Written by

Henrietta Gbelee

ROOT2TiP Intern