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YouTube Content Update

YouTube Content Update

Happy Black History Month! I hope you have been enjoying the month so far and celebrating the richness of black culture! We are excited to announce that we have updated our YouTube channel with a new back to school hair routine. We will be adding more regular Youtube content to the channel with hairducation tips to help you and your child on your hair journey!

Some other announcements for you:

1. We have a new production unit where we will be manufacturing our products from

2. We have more stock so you can expect that to be updated on our site too.

What you can expect from our YouTube Content:


Information on Scalp Conditions

There are a range of scalp conditions. Some of which disproportionately affects those in the black community. We will be creating content addressing these issues and providing tips on how best to combat this.


Hairloss, as you may know, is something very personal to me and is the reason I created Root2Tip. It is a huge epidemic in the black community and is often self-induced. On the Root2Tip YouTube channel, we'll be sharing more information and tips on this subject.


We will be sharing step by step tutorials on how to use Root2Tip products for both you and your child. We will be demonstrating this on real people's hair.

The Science Behind Black Hair

youtube content: woman touching her hair

I am passionate about black hair and love everything about it! As the founder of Root2Tip, I am a formulation expert and cosmetic scientist with a focus on natural ingredients. I am also a training trichologist so will soon be qualified in this area too! I want to encourage you to learn about the nature of your hair so that you can unlock your hair's full growth potential.

Check out our back to school hair routine YouTube Content:


Stay blessed,
Sal x

Root2Tip Eco


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